Hormonal Birth Control without a prescription

California now allows women to purchase hormonal birth control pills and other contraceptives directly from the pharmacist, without a physician's prescription


We're a mother & daughter team that understands the importance of extra care and privacy


Our female pharmacists will discuss your options and to find which birth control pills are the best match for your health concerns and budget. After a 15 minute appointment you will be able to receive: 

  • oral hormonal contraceptive pills
  • hormonal contraceptive vaginal ring
  • hormonal contraceptive patch
  • referral for IUD, depot injection, and other contraceptive devices



Our pharmacists will discuss your medical history to screen for any risks involved with initiating or continuing hormonal contraceptive therapy. She will take your blood pressure to check your cardiovascular health before making recommendations on which medication choose. 


You and the pharmacist will discuss which method or product is right for you along with all the information you'll need to understand your medication. You may purchase one to twelve months of birth control. Prices of products will vary. Hormonal birth control begins at $15 and may increase, depending on product selection. We recommend that you follow up with your primary care physician at your next appointment.


After your visit, and with compliance to California law, our pharmacists will inform your primary care physician which product you received. If you do not have a primary care physician we will provide you with a list of providers in the neighborhood for you to follow up with at your convenience. 


Please contact us with additional questions!