Let us help take the guesswork out

Did you know you may be overpaying for your Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage? We can create a special comparison for you-- based on your current drugs to predict your costs


We care for you like family 

That's why we offer this free service to our community, no strings attached. We want to make sure you are in control of your health and finances, making the best decisions for YOU.

During your FREE consultation we will cover and discuss:

  • The basics of medicare

    • the difference between a deductible, premium, and a co-pay

    • part A, part B, part D, and medicare advantage (part C)

    • your eligibility and enrollment dates

  • An in-depth overview of Medicare Part D

    • what does it cover

    • what are your options

  • A personalized comparison chart of plans that take in account your current prescriptions and predict your out of pocket costs for the year

  • Help signing up for the Part D plan of your choice or information on how to sign up yourself